Technical Data Downloads

 TitleDescription Size
Auto IgnitionSelf-sustained Combustion TestDownload50.74 KB
Basics of Bacteria & EnzymesBasics of Bacteria & EnzymesDownload40.55 KB
Biodegradability ReportBiodegradability ReportDownload31.52 KB
Burn RateBurn RateDownload52.39 KB
California Comparison DisposalCalifornia Comparison DisposalDownload78.06 KB
CDN Food Inspection Agency Download41.61 KB
Compare SS Pads to Poly Pads Download78.44 KB
Comparison Shpag vs Poly  Download77.68 KB
Competitor Products Download87.42 KB
Crude Oil On water absorbtion test Download83.72 KB
Crude Recovery  Download84.64 KB
Disposal Of Paint  Download77.31 KB
Engine Oil on water absorbtion test Download83.94 KB
Flashpoint Download49.51 KB
Food Production & Inspection Download62.64 KB
How to absorb oil spills on land Download101.53 KB
Important Comparison Facts Download122.54 KB
Lignin Cellulose Hemicellulose Content Download55.53 KB
List of hydrocarbons & Chemmicals absorbed by Sphag sorb Download19.96 KB
Neutralization Forumla Quick Charts Download220.27 KB
On site Tech Comparison Pressure Tests Download79.55 KB
Paint Filter liquids test method 9095 Download124.12 KB
Pressure Test Download50.53 KB
Rainbow Trout Toxicity Download110.94 KB
Red Abalone Download37.77 KB
SDS Sphag Sorb English SDS English Download45.30 KB
Sphag on lands spills Download78.32 KB
Sphag Sorb EPA & Disposal Guide  Download32.47 KB
Sphag Sorb Incineration Download77.96 KB
Sphag Sorb use with Acids Download87.98 KB
Texas T Clip Download274.11 KB
Time pressure test Download91.24 KB
U of California Test use of Sphag Sorb in Spill response Download5.72 MB
USA Foods inpection Service Download24.58 KB


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