Benefits from using Biotechnology in Waste Water

Waste Water Treatment Plant

No odours around the plant: 

  • Usually within 24-48 Hours.

Reduction in sludge volumes 50 %+: 

  • Increase in holding capacity. 
  • Reduce disposal costs. 
  • Better, safer sludge if spread on fields.

No odours in sludge and effluent: 

  • No odours around sludge drying beds or pellets. 
  • Effluent can be used for irrigation without the odours.

Reduction in operating costs:

  • By applying in the sewer trunk lines organics are partly broken down before entering the treatment area increasing plant efficiency. 
  • Flocculants volume can be reduced.

Trunk Sewer Lines

Gives the process more retention time before entering the plant area.
Increase in flow capacity:

  • By removing build up in lines. 
  • Reduction in odours (H2S).

Lengthens the life of the lines.
Clean lift stations:

  • Does not allow for a crust to build up. 
  • Reduces the odours in and around the Lift Station. 
  • Increases the life of the equipment. 
  • Cuts down on down time and maintenance.




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