S.O.P. Standard Operating Procedure for Kits

  • If/when appropriate wear the tyvek suits, gloves & goggles provided
  • Remove plastic sleeves from tubular shaped socks 
  • Use socks to surround spill.
  • Once spill is contained, spread the appropriate amount of contents from the loose particulate bags on spill.
  • Note: be sure to work up-wind of the spill and keep within 3”-4” of the ground to prevent sphag sorb from being wind spread.
  • If the spill is very small or if there is a continuous drip from.Fuel tank, broken line, etc. Use sphag sorb pads and pillows included in kit.
  • Note: if spill is over 55 gallons, use contents of the kit to surround spill and contact the nearest authorized emergency response team.
  • Retrieve contaminated sphag sorb socks, pads and pillows and deposit in waste disposal bags provided.
  • Return contaminated material to your terminal or a regulation disposal site.
  • If the spill is coming from a drum, tank, or any other metal vessel quickly apply ‘plug it’ following the instructions provided.



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