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Sphag Sorb Application
Sphag Sorb Application
Sphag Sorb Application
Sphag Sorb Application
Sphag Sorb Application

Environmentally Friendly

SPHAG SORB is produced to specific standards that achieve the highest absorption of liquids while generating the least amount of waste. SPHAG SORB is natural, organic, non-toxic, non-leaching, safe and easy to use. The fibrous structure of our product and the fact that the capillaries contain air and moisture reduces the tendency for soil compaction. This allows air, water and heat to penetrate into the ground speeding up the remediation process. Peat Moss is commonly added to soil as an enhancer in flower and vegetable gardens around the world every day and is 100% environmentally friendly and a renewable resource.

Earth Care Products

Earth Care Products is the manufacturer and distributor of the SPHAG SORB line of products. The company is a privately owned Canadian company established in 1991.

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